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Saving the world one nappy at a time

Saving the world

Go Potty wants to make the world a bit better. By saving on dirty nappies and helping parents and children with potty training. An earlier, easier and more enjoyable approach for potty training is possible.

Saving the world

Children Are Potty Trained Two Years Later

In the 1940s, children were potty trained at around one year. Quick potty training was an absolute necessity as washing nappies was hard work. But with the convenience of disposable nappies, this necessity disappeared. Children in the western world are now potty trained on average at around three years old.

 This increase is caused on the one hand by the convenience of disposable nappies, and on the other hand because of the parenting style that emerged in the 1960s with its trend for waiting ‘until your child is ready’.

‘Wait Until Your Child Shows Interest’ Myth

Many parents interpret ‘wait until your child is ready’ as ‘wait until your child shows interest in the potty’. However, there is no need to wait for this. There are many other signs that indicate that your child is ready for potty training. Would you like to know if your child is ready? Do the free test in the Go Potty app .

The myth to ‘wait until your child shows interest’ is perpetuated by the nappy industry. The nappy industry is a very powerful 71 billion dollar industry. They sell more nappies if children are potty trained later. This is great for the nappy industry, but no so great for children, parents and the planet.

We say goodbye to the habit of late potty training; let’s go potty now! For most children, 18 months is a great age for potty training


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