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Download the app for free and check if your child is ready for potty training. Ready to start potty training? We help you ditch the nappies for £29.99

Go Potty® app features

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Potty Training Guarantee

Start with our personalised instructions on your own. Need help along the way? Our renowned potty training consultants help you as long as needed.

Customised Plan

Get your personal easy-to-follow e-guide based on your child’s age and your child’s personality. Follow an intensive (3-5 days) or a gradual (10 weeks) approach.

Track Your Progress

Use our potty training chart to keep track of your progress. Log successes, accidents and drinks.

Personalised Support Messages

Get personalised messages and push notifications based on your start date and progress.

Community of Parents

Share your struggles and successes and learn from the potty training experience of other parents. You’re not alone!

Potty Training Consultants

Get 1:1 coaching from our trusted and qualified educationalists, children’s coaches and psychologists. They assist you via email or (video) calling.

Plans & Pricing

Download our app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.



Test whether your child is ready

Test which potty training method fits best

Log successes and accidents

Sneak preview of personalised potty training plan

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Parents’ forum


£29.99 for 6 months

Everything in Free, Plus:

Personalised potty training plan

Daily tips and to-do’s

All Frequently Asked Questions

Personal help from our Potty Training Consultants

100% Potty Training Guarantee

You get 6 months access to all features. This is a once off payment. You’re not tied to a subscription. Once we have received your payment, we will activate Premium for you in the Go Potty app within 24 hours (based on your email address).

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Our approach

Advice tailored to your child’s age and personality.

Follow our our intensive method (3 to 5 days) or our more gradual method (10 weeks).

We help you choose what fits you and your child best.

Positive parenting: you encourage your child’s desired behaviour.